Why get associated with India’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards?

Enhance Goodwill & Reputation

The title of India’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards helps to increase your goodwill and give you the desired recognition for your constant endeavour and contribution to the industry.

Boost Employee & Associates Morale

The company gets an opportunity to thank their associates, customers, suppliers and employees too. This helps to motivate them by acknowledging their overall efforts and urges them to perform better.


The awards increase your overall credibility and help you to reach out to the stakeholders with ease. The award and recognition can help you to reach newer heights, get new clients, proposals etc.

Competitive Advantage

The “India’s Fastest Growing Company” title gives your company a distinctive edge. You can now stand out from your fellow peers and create your own mark with this tile. This title is sure to give you recognition and competitive advantage too.

Grow Your Business

The award title & logo can also contribute to increase the overall presence & business of the company with the right marketing mix and company promotion tactics.

Attract New Talent

This tile can also help to attract a new workforce as everyone loves to be associated with a company that has received recognition for its outstanding work and contribution to the business sector.


This Award provides you with an outstanding opportunity to share the platform with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, media personalities and businessmen from several Indian and international industries. This exemplary platform encourages the exchange of new business ideas too.


  1. The winning company shall receive a digital certificate with the title of India’s Fastest Growing Companies Award 2021 as a token of appreciation. The copy of the certificate will be sent on the email as soon as they complete the registration formalities.
  2. The winning company shall also be entitled to use the official logo of ‘India’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards 2021’ on all their official marketing material including website, catalogue, brochure, advertisement, emails, etc. for a period of 1 year from the date of receiving the award.
  3. You would also receive a media kit that includes a press release copy, official logo & banner design in various formats so that you can also display your achievement on your premises and marketing material.
  4. We shall also publish your company profile or an article about your company (of up to 1000 words) along with the photograph of your MD / Chairman / CEO on an International News Portal for international exposure.
  5. A 2 mins interview AV of your Chairman/ MD/ CEO shall be published on the International News Portal Website.
  6. We shall also publish a 1 min audio-visual clip of your company on International News Portal to ensure maximum publicity for your company.
  7. The winning company logo and name shall be displayed on our awards website so that all other participating companies know about your company.
  8. To ensure maximum media coverage for winning companies, we shall ensure the publicity of your company through press releases, and cover your company on social media and other PR platforms.