Selection Process

India's Fastest Growing Companies Awards acknowledges those companies who have set new bars of business excellence. So, whether you are a small, medium or large organization you can participate in these awards. The company must contribute to the economic and societal development and must work in synchronization to achieve their business goals and vision.

We have listed a few criteria that will help us choose the best and most deserving candidates for India's Fastest Growing Companies Awards. We strive to ensure that all the worthy and eligible candidates receive their due recognition and honour.

How does it work?

Stage 1 (Nomination):

One of the most primitive steps is the nomination of companies. All the companies must file their nomination application on our website. The companies can be either self-nominated or nominated by a third party or associate. Those businesses who believe they have the potential to create a new benchmark in the industry and get the desired recognition can nominate themselves and participate to win.
(The nomination criteria and the form can be viewed under the "Nomination" section on our website.)

Stage 2 (Initial Screening):

Our research team once receiving your application will begin their initial screening. The companies based on their details and information provided on the nomination form will be shortlisted & allotted a specific category according to the industry they belong to.

Stage 3 (Evaluation):

After screening the companies that qualify are evaluated based on several factors such as leadership, business sustainability, growth, social responsibility, work culture, vision, employee retention, finance alertness, quality management, innovation, market research, technical know-how, products/services, reputation, brand equity and much more.
The companies are marked on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the secondary research conducted by IBC market research team.

Stage 4 (Jury Scoring):

Our jury members will further review the evaluated companies. Our jury panel consists of several professionals from various industries and sectors such as finance, marketing, law, media, business, international trade and much more. Each company will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 by our expert jury members.

Stage 5 (Final Stage):

The overall score of the IBC research team and jury members are cumulated together. Based on the scores and overall ranking the winners of India's Fastest Growing Companies Awards will be announced on the digital platform.
(Note: The cumulative rating of a company should be at least 7.5 points to be qualified as a winner. The final decision regarding the selection and disqualification of the participants lies with the jury and the management committee of IBC).